COVID-19 PRAYER TOPICS.  Check back later for updates

Dear Friends 
I hope the fine sunny weather has lifted your spirits as the current restrictions continue with only very minor easing of them.

Please find attached, in "Reflections" a scripture thought as we approach Pentecost.

Some brief prayer pointers. 
1) Pray for all you know who grieve, who carry heavy worries, who know loneliness.

2) Pray for wise restraint where restrictions are lifted; for resolve and resilience where they are not; for good practice and protection as folks return to work; for businesses forward planning for new working conditions and regulations. 

3) Pray for integrity, example and respectful sensitivity in government leadership. 

4) Give thanks for all the ways the Christian Church has positively responded to the worship and pastoral challenges of these days; pray for congregations struggling to meaningfully provide for members and for those in leadership feeling the strain of this; pray for the church at congregation, presbytery and national level as it faces and addresses many financial, administration and long-term future challenges. Pray for sensitive, spiritual and strategic thinking, planning and decision-making. 

5) Pray for teachers, pupils and parents as they consider and deal with the issues involved in proposed school returns, (next week in England; August in Scotland). Pray for NHS and care staff as they continue to face challenges/pressures, as they work towards a return to a "more normal" work schedule and as they reflect deeply on the road travelled so far and on the road still lying ahead. 

6) Finally, as we look beyond our own situation, we pray for those the world over whose plight is far more dangerous, distressing, disruptive and daunting than ours. Lord have mercy; Lord provide protection and help.

Please remember our friends Mayra and Joel Gonzales and their son Joel Fernando, our mission partners with Latin Link in Mexico. I received a long email from Mayra about 3 weeks ago when the virus was starting to taker hold there. Mayra and Joel are very worried for their mothers who both live alone in Honduras and Cuba. 
They have asked for our prayerful support at this time. 

I have emailed again this week and wait for an update from them but it must be very difficult going by the press reports from Mexico. Please remember them and all the work they are doing in Jesus' name. If anyone would like to share a message with them please let me know and I will forward in one email to save them having to reply to individual ones. 

Muriel Jones. 


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