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We have a service online every Sunday from 11am. 

This link will take you to all of the available recordings for both Church Services and Messy Church too for young and old Christians or not!!


Click on the link or copy and paste into your internet browser. 

For Reflections for this week  go to the Blog page and click on "reflections"

Dear Friends, 

I hope by now you have discovered that our closed buildings and our suspended activities has not stopped our worship, witness or pastoral care as Church. 

As our web pages show and our banner headline says we are 'Alive and Worshipping - Locked Down but not Out' 

Many of you I know are daily making telephone-calls, sending emails, using social media platforms to keep in touch, offer support and to show care. Thank you. 

Every day prayer concerns are shared; weekly prayer fellowship is offered to all and embraced by many; weekly we learn and worship virtually, but together, through our Sunday Service and Messy Church. With no early expectation of a return to 'Open Church Buildings' we continue to explore new ways to build faith and to offer care. 

Please don't feel left out; do get in touch with me directly or through our web contact page with any ideas, requests or concerns. Take care, stay safe, God bless. 

Alan Telfer (Minister)

The Church of Scotland website churchofscotland.org.uk is very useful for other worship opportunities including services on Sunday. 

If you use FaceBook search@churchofscotland for useful links and resources. 

Go to the BLOG page for updated prayer topics. 

For confidential prayer support you can also contact the Worship and Prayer group. Details are on the contact page. 
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