Drumclog Memorial Kirk


The first church building at Drumclog was opened in 1901, following the decision of Presbytery that the local population was large enough and the distance separating Strathaven great enough to warrant the erection of a church.

The construction was of corrugated iron, but with the agreement of the Avendale Kirk Session and the support not only of the local community but also of the Avendale Congregation this was replaced in 1912 by a most attractive stone built church.

It was named Drumclog Memorial Kirk in remembrance of the Battle of Drumclog fought in 1679 when the Covenanters defeated the Government troops.

On the first Sunday of June each year a memorial service is held at the monument erected at the site of the battle about 1.5 miles to the north west of the church.

Features of Drumclog include a stained-glass window depicting the Covenanters and also a copy of the banner, under which they fought at Drumclog and Bothwell Bridge, painted on the east wall.

The congregation celebrated the 80th anniversary of the opening of the church by funding the renovation of the central heating system hall and the redecoration of the church, hall and ancillary rooms.

Drumclog, like Avendale, is a beautiful place of worship which seats 200.