Life and Work

Life and Work

May 2020 Magazine Issue 

We trust you are safe and well wherever this reaches you. 

During this challenging period, Life and Work is committed to helping keep our Christian community connected and so we have made the May 2020 issue available on our website. 

This can be accessed by visiting 

We are sending as you may consider sharing with members of your congregation that do not receive the magazine. The action to share is unique and in response to the exceptional time period in which we are operating. We have deliberately not provided the full digital experience as enjoyed by our loyal online subscribers and equally to protect our subscribers of the print edition.

It has been a challenge for my editorial colleagues to shift direction of their content at the last minute in response to the speed of which the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted daily life. This also includes a change to what would have been coverage of the timetable and fringe diary of the General Assembly, it of course reads rather differently this year.

What they have created will become an important historical record for the magazine of the Church of Scotland. 

Highlights from this issue includes: 
▪ FEEDING THE HUNGRY: Reflection on foodbanks and impact of Covid-19 
▪ ‘GOD HAS NOT FINISHED WITH SCOTLAND’: The Moderator-Designate, the Rev Dr Martin Fair 
▪ ASSEMBLY CANCELLATION: Church’s business meeting cancelled for first time in over 300 years 
▪ WAR’S END: The role of churches in peacebuilding across Europe on the 75th anniversary of VE Day We trust you and your congregation will enjoy reading this issue. We are even more grateful at this time for your generous support and continued loyalty of Life and Work. 

Best wishes Life and Work Team
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