HHI update

July 2020 

Many thanks to all, who in spite of present difficulties, continue to support the Banyan Tree Tuition Group. A total of £50 for the June donation has been received by HHI. 

Strathaven Friends of Health Help International (SFHHI) are unable to hold their planned fund raising events this year, Bridge Drive, Scottish Night, Table Top Sale, but are still keen to support the Charity, particularly through this current pandemic as poorer counties are less able to meet the demands of the virus. One of our committee members, Kath Russell, visited HHI India earlier this year and saw first hand the work carried out through HHI and the help our team needs in India. Kath was able to give help through donations raised in this country – a record of Kath’s visit can be found on our web page www.sfhhi.org.uk 

After hearing of Kath’s visit to India our committee drew up a list of the projects in HHI India needing help and decided that our main priority was to raise funds for a replacement of the bus which takes handicapped children to and from the Happy Valley Special Needs School in Kerala. The present bus is at the end of its useful life and we hope to replace it before the end of the year. In India handicapped children, particularly girls, can be regarded as a drain on family resources and are often disregarded, omitted from family life and socially excluded. In the Happy Valley School physiotherapy and speech therapy is provided along with education and the children receive a meal each day. Having a reliable bus is vital to HHI’s efforts in stimulating these children and helping them to gain confidence.  

Stay sage

Ian Gow

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