Sunday 7th June is Communion Sunday.

We plan to celebrate the sacrament in our own homes during the recorded online Service that Sunday so you are invited to have available bread and wine/grapejuice/ribena? when you tune in that week so you can participate in Communion. 

 Sunday 31 May, 10-10.30am – Pentecost – streamed on the Church of Scotland website and Facebook page 

The Moderator will lead a service to mark the birthday of the Christian Church, with contributions from many different places. Like the disciples on that first Pentecost, here is the invitation to step confidently into whatever the future holds.  


                                        WAYS TO WORSHIP

11am every Sunday we will have a service available online 

There is also a "Messy Church" programme for our young people which can be found on the YouTube page as well. It goes live at 10am on Sunday.  

A list of services and programmes on TV each Sunday will be posted here on Saturday evening each week. 

Sunday 31st May:

10.00 am An event celebrating Pentecost BBC1
11.00 am Sunday Worship BBC1
11.30 am Reflections at the Quay BBC1
 1.15  pm Songs of Praise BBC1

(Remember you can get all of these on BBC iPlayer or catch up)

Join Christians across Scotland, and beyond, in prayer at 7pm Sunday evening. 

Prayer Time Every Wednesday 8pm - 9pm. Send email address to the Minister if you would like prayer topics updates. There is a possibility to join a Zoom  group to share the prayer time. Please use the contact form to make a request. 

The Strathaven Evangelical church is producing a thought for each day. This can be accessed on the front page of their website

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