Prayer topics


Dear Friends Prayer Points:

Pray for the re-opening of our church buildings for worship from the beginning of October and for all those who will help to make this happen in as safe a manner as possible.  

Wider world issues: 

Joel & Mayra (Joel Fernando) in Mexico; the racial related issues, California wildfires and the Presidential election campaign in USA; the various public protests against corruption/poor government around the world (ie Belarus); Covid-19 issues in economically poor/developing countries; the millions suffering persecution, suffering, injustice and inhumanity the world over. 

As always pray for those whose personal situations you know of and are concerned about within our congregation and town. 

Continue to remember too Joel/Mayra/Joel Fernando in Mexico as they return to a busy work schedule as they also cope with the Covid-19 crisis affecting their region, their friends and their ministry tasks. 

Continue to pray for ALL impacted by education and exam issues: pupils/parents; teachers and other school staff, (all with their own concerns, stresses and needs); for students seeking further education places, employment opportunities in a very difficult environment and for all university and college staff facing multiple challenges and demands on time and energy. Remember too those being increasingly affected by business failures and job losses, the economic and mental health issues 

May we be taught gratitude to God; deeper trust in God; more openness to the mind, will and ways of God. 

Finally, pray for the wider needs and trials being experienced around our world where Covid-19 simply multiplies the daily sufferings, struggles and injustices experienced by millions. 

God Bless 


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