Latin Link

Latin Link

Members of the congregation of Avendale and Drumclog help to sponser Joel and Mayra (and their son Joel Fernando) as they work with latin Link in Mexico. We receive updates from them on a regular basis.

Dear friends, We just wanted to say a huge thank you! 

We finished our task of 138 km which is 86.25 miles, on Monday 1st June. Half of May was invested in, among our normal service, we did some quick walking for charity, thank you Lord. 

And yes, there were many blisters for Joel as he did most of it 100 km equals 62.5 miles in a bit less than two weeks. Bless him! 

 But we were so happy to do something, even when is very little, to help others and we wanted to say thank you for helping us to help them. 

The money was transfered to us more than a week ago from Latin Link. During last week we bought and distributed food parcels, basic cleaning products and also two cash offerings to two different families to help them with rent and bills. Some photos were taken with people`s permission of course. 

Very good news are that we were able to help 12 families, (around 42 people between adults, elderly and children) eight families on great need from our local church we go to. The other four families are related to people we have come across with through the church planting we are doing, online, every week. 

Your financial donations have provided encouragement and enough food for 12 families, that is food and basic cleaning products for at least three weeks. Among these families we have: a retired Pastor and his wife, some foreigners (two foreign families from Brasil and Colombia), elderly widows, single mothers and their children, and other people in great need. 

So we hope you will also enjoy with us the gift of giving and sharing with others and their happiness and gratitude for your help. 

Thank you. Joel, Mayra and JF 

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