Special Dates

Special Dates

14th May Many congratulations to Alec and Flora McNair who celebrate 66 years of marriage today. 

15th May. Happy Anniversary to Tom and Joan Palmer who celebrate 55 years of marriage today. 

25th May. Very Happy Birthday to John Jeacocke. A sprightly 82 years young!

6th June. Mattie Wakefield celebrates a lockdown 70th birthday. 

1st July. Ray Moore celebrates her 80th birthday. A well loved primary school teacher for many of us!!


I hope this finds you well and beginning slowly to benefit in some manner from the modest lifting of lockdown restrictions. Many of us have not seen each other much, if at all, for three months now, (other than maybe one or two at a time in passing). Our experiment last Sunday, 28th June was very successful in that we were able to "see" each other and chat for about 30 minutes. 

So, this is an invitation to join in an exciting development on Sunday 12th July!! From 12.15pm on Sunday 12th July you are invited to "After Worship Coffee and Chat on Zoom" This is an opportunity to see a lot of your Avendale & Drumclog Friends, virtually, all at the one time, (just like 'old times'!!). A number of churches have been doing this very successfully. All you need to do is download 'Zoom' onto your laptop/tablet/phone (if you haven't already done so) and then on Sunday 28th June (from 12noononwards), open the App and when you are asked if you want to Join a Meeting, click and then when requested enter the ID number and then the password provided via our "Contact" page, and you should be able to join in the Coffee and Chat (providing your own coffee of course!). 

 NB There is also an option to "dial in by phone" but I/we have no personal experience of this method but we can find out for anyone who may wish this facility!! 

The plan is that about 5/10 minutes after 12.15pm when all who are joining us have logged in, we will divide into smaller chat groups for 15/20 minutes or so and then come back together for a final brief farewell to all. (of course you can leave at anytime if that suits you better). We have made the time 12.15pm (though logging in can be from 12noon onwards) so you can have time to make a coffee after sharing in the recorded worship service at 11am (though you are still very welcome to join us at 12.15pm even if you haven't watched the service , isn't that a novel idea!!) 

You are very welcome to pass on the ID/password details which can be accessed by request on the Contact Page to other church members/attenders but we are not wanting to put them on any public platform or medium for security and privacy reasons, so please be discreet in sharing the login details. I do hope many of you will plan to join us on the 12th, and we will do all that is in our power to try to ensure the technology works! 

(Experimental and exciting times for us all).  
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